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Offering Summer Camps for Tweens and Teens

2024 Fashion Design and Sewing Camps are around the corner!! 

**NEW Fashion Camps just added in Buffalo and Florida!!**

Registration opens January 4th


Has your child shown an interest in either the fashion industry or sewing?

The reality is that sewing is too often a generationally skipped skill. Our grandmothers and great-grandmothers did it, making it look easy.

As a parent, it’s easy to feel inadequate when you never learned even the basics to pass on to your children. It’s pretty normal that a couple of sewing classes in middle school was likely your only opportunity to hone this life skill.

You’re probably feeling apprehensive since sewing is not one of your talents (and even IF it is, you may recognize that patience isn’t one of your fortes). Nevertheless, you have faith in your child’s abilities …if only your own lack of knowledge wasn’t holding them back.

Welcome to Fashion Lab NY with Arlene Kaye, Teen and Tween Learn to Sew@2x

Nurture Your Child’s Desire to Learn How to Sew

You might be surprised to discover the benefits of learning to sew:

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Problem Solving Skills

Problem Solving Skills

Even when working with sewing patterns, everything isn't always spelled out step by step. Especially with custom projects, you have to figure it out on your own, solve problems that arise, and make sure everything is planned out precisely to ensure it comes together correctly in the end.

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Invaluable Life Skill

Invaluable Life Skill

Apart from allowing them to sew on a button, fix their toys, inspire a future career path or make an original gift for someone, sewing can provide your tween or teen with educational, physical, and mental benefits in an interesting and fun way. Their confidence soars with their new abilities.

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Inspire Creativity

Inspire Creativity

Tweens and teens have powerful imaginations and they take it for a test drive in learning to sew. You never know how far your child will grow with their new skills. They’ll leave our camps + classes with the foundations for a future career in the fashion industry AND make clothes for their stuffies.

Every child deserves a safe space, encouragement, and opportunity to explore and learn new skills.

Here’s how your fashion enthusiast can get started:

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My name is Arlene Kaye.

I would have loved classes like this when I was a little girl.

While my high school friends were at the mall buying clothes, I was at the fabric store designing something that would express my individuality.

Praise from Happy Tweens, Teens, and Parents:

Thank you for your hands on approach in teaching my daughters a skill that hopefully will be used for years to come!

My girls took a Fashion Lab NY class last week at the Orchard Park location. Wow, what a great experience! As a mom I am always looking for high quality camps for my kids. Both my girls came out of the camp with the confidence of having sewn their very own scarf as well as a desire to continue learning the art of sewing! In the words of my 10 year old, "this was the best 6 hours of my life!" 

Lynn T

My daughter loved fashion camp and obtained great skills!

She became more confident with the sewing machine, learned more about the fashion industry, and had a great time putting together her hand-picked fabric into a great outfit. I love it that Arlene showed the participants how to sew a basic outfit, but also allowed them creativity to make it their own. There were no "cookie cutter" outfits made as a result of this class. Each one was unique and truly reflected the personality of the designer.

Peg C

Working with Arlene and tapping into her expertise has moved me and my business from idea stage to having a validated product line with a strategy and plan

Her insights have been invaluable to my business.

- Lisa Krug, Owner and Founder of Snowmobaby

What an amazing experience!

Our son truly enjoyed this specialized summer camp. The Sewing Camp was the ideal setting for a young aspiring designer to learn the basics and beyond. From the instructors to the campers there is a sense of community and comradery that evolved throughout the week. We have looked at several programs. This is definitely the best program for young learners in the area. The Park School setting was also beautiful and welcoming. The campers are integrated into the daily camp activities as well, including swimming and daily events. Great experience!

Angela S

My daughter has taken sewing classes at FLNY with Arlene for 3 years. Arlene and staff are amazing!

They are organized and well prepared for lessons in advance. They are excellent with children. Arlene is caring, patient and engaged with the kids. Her positive energy is infectious and the kids love learning from her. I would highly recommend all classes and camps at FLNY!

Becky M.

Arlene is a talented and patient teacher.

She helped me turn my vision into a reality. My sewing skills improved greatly by the end of my lessons with her. She was a pleasure to work with and I highly recommend her.

Abigail A.